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Our Foot Care Specialties

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We specialize in minimally-invasive surgeries, which feature less complications and faster recovery times.
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Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics can be prescribed to treat chronic conditions from heel pain to peripheral neuropathy!
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Fungal Nails

An advanced treatment option we offer is laser therapy to clear fungal toenail infections.
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Heel Pain

No matter if you have plantar fasciitis or any other underlying cause of heel pain, we can help!
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This entails a minimally-invasive procedure to address problems by correcting foot positioning.
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We have an array of advanced and holistic options for treating nerve damage in the lower limbs.

About Us

Dr. Borys Markewych and his team at South Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic have helped many patients just like you overcome pain and difficulty. Even if you aren’t sure what exactly is wrong, Dr. Markewych uses his vast experience to quickly and accurately determine the root cause. Once your condition has been diagnosed, you then receive a customized treatment plan to effectively resolve the problem and put your pain to rest.

At every point of your treatment, you will see that Dr. Markewych and his team truly care about your health and are committed to providing outcome-based podiatric services. In addition to our exceptional, caring staff, South Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic offers superior diagnostics, innovative and state-of-the-art treatment, and comprehensive, world-class foot care.

Borys Markewych DPM

Looking for New Patient Forms?

Dr. Markewych,

Two years ago I clipped your announcement of South Hill Foot Care from the Spokesman Review, and held onto it until having courage enough to set an appointment for a consultation with your office. Hearing the horror stories about bunion surgery which others had experienced locally was most frightening, until my pain forced me to take action. My hammertoe and bunion continuously hurt like a bad toothache. I called your office and spoke with Dawn who took time explaining the minimally invasive surgery you provided. Because of my age, having the surgery with topical anesthetic was most appealing. I decided to set the appointment with your office.

Upon arriving at your office, nearly a two-hour drive away, I showed up five minutes late. There was unexpected road construction which delayed my arrival. I was so afraid that the appointment would need to be rescheduled. Much to my surprise your staff was most understanding and stated that Dr. Markewych would still be able to provide the consultation service.

Dr. Markewych, you performed my hammertoe and bunion surgery on January 4, 2018 and I am so happy to report the surgery restored optimum podiatric health on my left foot. It is now been four months after the surgery and I am walking with ease and without pain, truly a blessing. Dr. Markewych, after you delivered the very best possible service, I am sorry not to have visited you much sooner. I am a outdoor person who enjoys gardening and now can do so without the painful foot pain. I plan to set another appointment for you to correct the bunion on my right foot in January 2019.

I would like to thank you and your entire staff for such skillful, pleasant and courteous treatment. I truly felt like family. Your staff at The Walk Shoppe assisted me in finding comfortable shoes to wear after surgery. Stephanie was most helpful and patient while we found not only one pair but two. Surely they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I cannot praise you and your staff enough for the professional service you provided in such a warm and caring atmosphere.

Gracie B.

buy woman shoes from the walk shoppe

The Walk Shoppe

The Walk Shoppe is our locally-owned and operated boutique shop specializing in quality footwear that combines form and function. The shoes you buy at The Walk Shoppe not only support your feet, but also are highly stylish. No matter if you are looking for new athletic shoes or the perfect “date night” pump, you will find what you need at The Walk Shoppe!

Whereas our initial goal was to provide footwear that looks great and actually works with your feet, we quickly realized the need for fashionable accessories to match. This means you can stop in and find the right pair of shoes for your feet, along with an array of artisan-crafted accessories to accompany them. We offer products like socks, slippers, scarves, purses, and jewelry.

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