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Are You Suffering from...

Heel Pain (plantar fasciitis)




Flat feet

(and other symptoms such as knee, hip and back pain)

Corns and Callus's

Ingrown toenails

Fungal toenails

Our Foot Care Specialties

Minimally Invasive Surgery

We specialize in minimal invasive foot and ankle surgeries, which feature less scarring and faster recovery times.

Heel Pain (plantar fasciitis)

No matter if you have plantar fasciitis or any other underlying cause of heel pain, we can help!

Corns & Callus’s

Treatment depends on proper diagnosis, and whether the cause is a skin condition or bone alignment, a conservative or surgical treatment plan can help!

Flatfeet - Hyprocure

This entails a minimally-invasive procedure to address problems by correcting foot alignment and helping with foot, knee, hip and lower back pain.

Ingrown & Fungal Nails

An advanced treatment option we offer is laser therapy to clear fungal toenail infections. Also a Walk-in, ingrown toenail procedure with no time loss to your normal activities.

Bunions & Hammertoes

Corrected with minimally invasive ambulatory surgical technique in our on-site surgical suite. Less scarring, quicker healing time, no internal surgical hardware.

Welcome to South Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic

Dr. Borys Markewych and his team at South Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic have helped many patients just like you overcome pain and difficulty. Even if you aren’t sure what exactly is wrong, Dr. Markewych uses his vast experience to quickly and accurately determine the root cause. Once your condition has been diagnosed, you then receive a customized treatment plan to effectively resolve the problem and put your pain to rest.

At every point of your treatment, you will see that Dr. Markewych and his team truly care about your health and are committed to providing outcome-based podiatric services. In addition to our exceptional, caring staff, South Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic offers superior diagnostics, innovative and state-of-the-art treatment, and comprehensive, world-class foot care.

Our podiatric practice is based on the philosophy that an accurate diagnosis is necessary to identify the root cause of the problem so it can be effectively resolved. This is important because we take pride in being an outcome-based practice. Our goal is to make sure your foot and ankle issues are addressed so you are able to gbuy-woman-shoes-from-the-walk-shoppe.jpgo back to the activities you enjoy doing.   We will take the time to make sure you understand why you are having pain or dysfunction in your foot or ankle and how we plan to fix it. Our treatment may utilize any of the advanced treatment options we are pleased to offer patients.







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