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As the first choice in foot and ankle care in Spokane, it goes without saying that we provide comprehensive podiatric services for all our patients. Particular areas of expertise and focus include heel pain treatment, minimally-invasive foot and ankle surgery, and fungal toenail treatment. When it comes to heel pain, you will find that our conservative treatment methods are often quite effective, but we also offer HyProCure, which is an effective, advanced option to stabilize the foot and correct biomechanical abnormalities.

In the rarer instances when surgery is needed, you can find peace of mind knowing that Dr. Markewych is experienced and skilled in a variety of minimally-invasive procedures, including bunionectomy, neuroma, and hammertoe surgeries. Even better, we have a Medicare-approved surgical center on site.

Services We Offer

We provide exceptional foot and ankle care for all patients, but—to be more specific—we offer:

Minimally-invasive surgery – Toe deformities are examples of foot conditions that tend to be quite common. We can certainly provide conservative treatment to address symptoms, but conditions like these are progressive in nature and can only be completely corrected with surgery.

Fortunately, Dr. Markewych has years of experience and our office has a surgical center on site. When he uses minimally-invasive surgery, it leads to quicker recovery time, less scarring, and a reduced risk for complications.

Laser therapy – Our office utilizes Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy to relieve pain and inflammation that can come from neuromas, tendonitis, sprains, neuropathy, and various sources of heel pain.

Custom orthotic devices – We provide evidence-based orthoses, custom-made to your unique specifications, so they deliver results.


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