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Say Goodbye to Bunions with HyProCure

Bunions are an all-to-common problem affecting millions of Americans, and keeping them from enjoying the full range of activities and hobbies they used to love. If that describes you, you’re not alone. And if you have a family history of bunions—or have noticed a...

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The Walk Shoppe

South Hill Foot & Ankle clinic actually has three different, complementary factions. In addition to the clinic and our Medicare-approved surgical center, we also have The Walk Shoppe. Our locally-owned and operated boutique shop specializes in quality leather...

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5 Reasons Why You Might Need Custom Orthotics

One of the more unhelpful things we do as human beings is assign stigmas to many things that greatly help us. Glasses are “nerdy.” Braces are “dorky.” There are even worse connotations, but none of them are valid. When it comes to custom orthotics, the stigma tends to...

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Summer in Spokane – 5 Must-Do Activities

We are proud to be part of the Spokane community. And why wouldn’t we be? After all, the Lilac City is simply an outstanding place to live, work, and play. Now, local kids might say “there’s nothing to do here,” but the fact of the matter is this – local kids say the...

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Your Best Bloomsday Ever!

Since 1977, the Lilac Bloomsday Run has been a staple of our Spokane community. Given the fact tens of thousands of runners now participate in the event, it is almost hard to fathom that the initial run had only around 1,000 individuals. (Of course, that number jumped...

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