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Can HyProCure Fix My Flat Feet?

At South Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic, we are committed to treating you and your loved ones with the best possible treatment options. For us, this means using evidence-based methods – treatments that make a true difference for our patients. In the case of a flatfoot...

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Understanding and Treating Ankle Sprains

There are countless reasons to exercise on a regular basis and lead an active lifestyle. Doing so improves your resting heartrate, helps you manage your weight, relieves stress, and allows you to sleep better at night. There’s even evidence it can sharpen the mind!...

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Foot Pain Is Not Normal

At some point in your life you’ve probably been told your foot pain isn’t a big deal. Maybe you’ve had a sports coach tell you to “walk it off” when you’ve sprained an ankle. Or a family member has said your forefoot pain is normal. We get it – foot health often takes...

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Why See a Podiatrist?

If you’re suffering from a condition or injury that causes pain in the lower limbs, there’s a possibility you need to see a podiatrist. Why? Well, podiatrists are doctors who specialize in treating foot and ankle issues. Keep in mind that physical pain and discomfort...

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Style and Comfort Meet at The Walk Shoppe

South Hill Foot & Ankle is committed to providing comprehensive foot and ankle care for you and your whole family. This is certainly evident when you come see us for treatment—either conservative or surgical (which is often performed using minimally-invasive...

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