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Orthotic therapy might be the key to resolving your foot and ankle problems, so Dr. Markewych takes some time to discuss these versatile medical devices. Find out why they are used, how they can help with biomechanical issues, and what kinds of foot and ankle conditions they treat.

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Prepping for HyProCure

Every day, we see patients who are dealing with a variety of painful foot and ankle conditions, like bunions, tendonitis, heel pain, etc. What people don’t always know is that these conditions are usually secondary issues – they develop on account of a different root...

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Can HyProCure Fix My Flat Feet?

At South Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic, we are committed to treating you and your loved ones with the best possible treatment options. For us, this means using evidence-based methods – treatments that make a true difference for our patients. In the case of a flatfoot...

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